Individual homes

Building your home we always try to see and go with the wishes and ideas of the owner. We have cooperated when choosing materials, designing and finding the most convenient and economical solutions, for example when building heating or ventilation systems. We have also found solutions for ancillary buildings, from saunas, garages and cellars to children’s playgrounds, garden fireplaces and terraces with smoke ovens.


Offices, storage and production buildings

We have experience with large buildings starting from ideas and until designing and constructing the actual buildings. When designing and constructing such buildings we have also used our practical skills and knowledge about administrative aspects of business buildings. Experience with agricultural constructions should also be mentioned.


Row houses

Many people prefer to purchase a home in row house. In that kind of home you have private and your own garden like in private house but also you have small community with neighbors which creates nice environment between each other. We will build row houses since planning until decoration works. With that kind of projects it is possible to cooperate since beginning with future inhabitants, who can decide how their rooms will be located and what kind of materials they like.



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